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    We employ a business-to-business approach, which involves listening at every point. We also make use of our analytical techniques to bring the customers’ voice into your business. This lets you deliver a superior experience to customers, which in turn translates to better profitability and long term loyalty. We understand the strategy and pricing of products. Our solution is end to end, and this lets us offer our clients innovative solutions to be profitable. We understand the needs of the customers and how to meet their requirements. We implement a sustainable pricing strategy.

Created by potrace 1.14, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Take Online Surveys for Money

Are you looking to make some extra cash via online surveys? Then you’ve come to the right place! Companies, organizations, and brands all around the world are continually looking for consumer opinions so they can improve their services or products. That’s why they hire survey agencies for market research, these agencies then create surveys, and anyone can fill those out to rake in a reward.

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High Paying Surveys That Pay Through PayPal

Everyone likes making a bit of quick cash, and there’s no better way than online surveys to do just that. But all online surveys are not created equal, and there’s no guarantee that the survey you are participating in will pay you properly. As a general rule though, surveys that pay through PayPal are usually legit.

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We offer customized market research and survey to give your business valuable insights that matter. We have a team of experts who understand what your needs are and accordingly design market research surveys tailor-made for your business. Our experienced field research team collects data of high quality making use of mobile technology.

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Sign up with us today and avail of our expert services on market research and surveys, which is crucial for the growth of your business. We employ a business-to-business approach, which involves listening at every point. We also make use of our analytical techniques to bring the customers’ voice into your business. This lets you deliver a superior experience to customers, which in turn translates to better profitability and long term loyalty.

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The Pros and Cons of Having Your Website Designed For You

  • Website designer, Creative planning phone app development sketch template layout framework wireframe design, User experience concept, Overhead view of young woman UX designer thinking out web structure at home office

    If you are a business owner, there is a lot you have to do and plan before your business can really take off. If you are thinking of owning an in person business, you have to pick a building to operate from, you have to design a shop and you have to put together the perfect premises to operate your business from.

    You also have to interview staff, workout costs and plan the opening day of your business. If you want your business to have success in this day and age, it is also crucial that you create a website for your business.

    We live in the technical age and before people head out in person to buy something, they will first check whether or not they can buy it online for a decent price and make some savings. This means that it is very important that you have a business website and many companies that do not have a website, can very easily fall victim to failure during their first couple of years of function.

    As you are well aware, trying to open up a business for the first time can be very expensive and you can spend thousands just to get it ready to operate. This means that you may be tempted to cut some corners and design your website yourself.

    This is not recommended and it is suggested that you hire a professional to design your website for you. If you are not sure, you may be weighing up your options and trying to decide whether or not it is even worth hiring someone to professionally design your website. Well, here are the pros and cons of hiring a professional to design your website for you.

    They Know What They Are Doing

    The main reason why you should trust a professional to take care of your website is that they know exactly what they are doing. Unless you have received an education in designing a website, you are simply not qualified enough to make your website. The last thing that you want is for your website to not be functional, as this could result in you losing out on money and potential customers because they have been unable to navigate your website.

    You Won’t Have Full Creative Control

    Something that is very understandable is wanting full control when it comes to all of the aspects of your business. Your business is your baby and it can feel weird to give up control to someone else. You may feel worried that they will not follow your vision or they will not make the website that you want them to make. It is hard, but you do just have to trust them and hope that they know exactly what they are doing. You can also ask for updates throughout the process and if they do something that you are not happy with, then they will happily change it if you ask.

    They Know About SEO

    When it comes to owning a business website, SEO is very important as it ensures that you have customers coming to your business. If you keep a web designer onboard, even after they have designed your website, they will be able to understand and determine how well your business is doing. They will likely include a conversation rate optimization model, a conversion rate optimization model can pinpoint changes that are needed to improve the amount of people coming into your website and this is something that you will not likely be able to understand on your own and so I recommend that you leave it to the professionals.

    The Cost

    The biggest disadvantage of hiring a professional website designer would be the cost. If you were to design it yourself, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying someone else to do it. Getting a website designed can be pretty expensive and you have to consider that you are paying for the person’s time and effort and if you want a quality website, you have to be willing to splash a bit of cash. You have to just consider it as a long term investment for your business and think about just how much money the website will bring you in.

    How to Market Your Vape Business

  • How to Market Your Vape Business

    If you are a business owner, something that you will likely be familiar with is that the world of business has been pretty rocky for the last couple of years. The impact of the pandemic has made it so that a lot of people didn’t have expendable income that they would spend, which meant that a lot of stores that did not provide the necessities really suffered.

    A sector that somehow managed to stay afloat during the drama of the last few years is the vaping business. Though you may not have expected it, vaping businesses all over the world thrived during the pandemic.

    There are a number of reasons why vaping businesses managed to thrive in the last couple of years. First of all, people tried to take the opportunity in the last couple of years to better themselves. This meant that they gave up on horrible habits such as smoking and so they replaced their smoking habit with vaping.

    People were also just incredibly bored during the lockdown period and so they were eager to try and find a way that they could occupy their time, which included collecting vape pens and vape-related products.

    If you are smart, you would have noticed how well the vape business is doing and you would have tried to make the most of this by opening up your very own vape shop. Though there is a lot of profit to be made in the vape business, it is a very concentrated market right now.

    There are a lot of vape businesses opening every day which means that if you want to be a success, you need to have some great marketing techniques. Here is how to successfully market your vape business.

    Make Sure Your Branding Stands Out

    A big part of marketing your business successfully is having brilliant branding. People tend to forget just how important your branding is to your marketing campaign and if you do not have the right branding, there is no point in marketing at all.

    You should, first of all, make sure that your branding doesn’t look like the branding of just any other vape company. Most vape companies will use black and reds or black and greens in their branding and this is what is usually expected from vape companies.

    The last thing that you want is to blend in with your fellow competitors and so you want to make sure that you are not just following the norm. Take a look at some of your local competitors and make a note of some of the imagery and colors that they use. You can then use these notes and try and do the opposite of what they are doing, as this will ensure that your brand is standing out and does not get lost in the crowd of other similar businesses.

    Once you have your branding down, you should then make this the main focus of your marketing. You want people to know who you are and you want to make sure that everyone knows your name, so you should make sure that the forefront of all your marketing includes the name of your brand and your logo.

    Be Clear About What You Offer

    A big mistake that a lot of businesses make is trying to be far too mysterious about what they offer. This kind of marketing may work if you are trying to sell perfume, but it will not work in the world of vaping.

    If you are someone that is familiar with the vaping business, then you will know that there are a lot of different products that you can sell in a vaping store. Though you can generally find the same products in most vape shops, if your business sells a product that not a lot of others do, you want to make this clear.

    Thanks to changes in the law, something that you may have noticed is that more vape shops are starting to stock THC and CBD products. Though people are starting to sell these products, there are still not too many vape businesses that offer these products.

    You should make sure that you have these products stocked, as this will make you stand out from other businesses out there. If you are not sure where you can get these products, you may be glad to know that you can buy HHC vape cartridges from OCN website. Once you have these, you can then include the fact that you sell these in your marketing.

    Acknowledging that you have these products to offer in your marketing will make your business stand out from the other similar businesses out there. By doing this, you are making the most out of your marketing opportunity and you are ensuring that you are doing all that you can to make your business stand out.

    4 Tips for Advertising Your Newly Built Property

  • If you are a landlord, then you have likely worked on some new build developments of your own. In the current market, people are on the lookout for brand new and modern-looking buildings. This is especially the case if you are working on developments in Australia. A lot of the older homes are quite outdated and do not appeal to people on the current market.

    It can be a bit difficult to advertise new buildings. But here are 4 tips on advertising your newly built property on the current market.

    Focus On The Companies You Worked With

    When it comes to buying a home, a lot of people are looking for a quality home that they can depend on. There have been too many cases of cowboy builders putting together homes that can not stand up to the test of time. If you are very transparent about some of the businesses you worked with when building your home, then potential buyers can do their own research and decide whether or not they want to go for your home.

    If you are still in the process of building your home, make sure that you go for a reliable contractor that you will be proud to share with customers. If you are still working on your bathrooms, I would recommend working with Navigate Bathrooms, as they offer some of the best bathroom renovations Perth has to offer.

    Host a Show Room

    A great way to advertise your brand new home is by opening up a showroom. A showroom gives you a chance to communicate with potential buyers and also show off all of your hard work. If you want your showroom to be a success, I would recommend that you put on a good spread and offer some drinks, as this will put everyone in a much better mood and it will encourage them to enjoy the evening.

    Virtual Tours

    Not everyone enjoys going to viewings or showrooms, especially in the Covid climate that we live in today. If you want to reach out to potential buyers, then creating a virtual tour that can be published online is a great way to do so. Make sure that your virtual tours give an in-depth view into your home, as there is nothing worse than a virtual tour that does not actually show all of the space that the house has to offer.

    Use Social Media

    A free and commonly used way to advertise your new home is via social media. If you are a landlord, it is likely that you already have a page where you engage with potential buyers. If you do not already have an established online presence, then I would recommend that you create one as soon as possible. You can use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as they are the most commonly used social media platforms out there.

    You can then publish all of the details of your new build knot these social media sites and watch as people contact you for more information or to arrange a viewing.

    How to Improve Business and Bring in More Customers

  • How to Improve Business and Bring in More Customers

    If you are a business owner that mainly operates online, you will be more than familiar with the constant struggle to get customers. This has especially been the case in the last year or so. Thanks to the impact of the pandemic, a lot of people have been left in poor financial positions, which means that they didn’t have the disposable cash to spend on things they didn’t need.

    If you are a business owner that sells more niche products, then it is more than likely that you have been strongly hit by the lack of financial security around the world. Now that people are starting to find their feet, you can now expect to get brand customers. However, if you have lost a lot of your usual customer base, then it is likely that your business will need to crack into a new market in order to be a success. Here is how to improve business and bring in more customers.

    Reach Out on Social Media

    Most businesses these days operate online. This is because as a society we have become more dependent on the use of the internet. Most people prefer to shop online, as it is more convenient and fits around our busy lifestyles.

    Not only do we all shop online, but almost everyone with access to the internet also uses social media. Because of just how popular social media is, it is great to develop a customer base. Social media once started off as a place to share funny content and stay in touch with your friends and family, but these days it is a valuable business tool.

    On most social media platforms, there are options where you can make pages that are specifically created for businesses. The best part about this is that making these pages is completely free, so it is a free form of advertising that is completely free.

    By making a social media page, you will be able to communicate with potential customers and even use the many features associated with business pages. For example, most business pages allow you to be promoted to people that share similar interests with your page, which means that you will be able to reach out to people that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

    Offer Promotions

    One of the most effective techniques used by businesses to draw in new customers is offering promotions. If your business is not well known, then people will be hesitant to try it out as they have no proof that your business is worthwhile.

    You need to have a hook that will make people interested and the best way to do that is by offering up excellent deals. It is not uncommon for newly established businesses to offer opening deals. You could offer a buy one get one free deal or even or opening discount cost.

    Unless you advertise your promotions, then nobody will know that they are happening. For this reason, I recommend that you put your promotion codes on a website that is specifically designed to advertise promotional codes. I personally get the majority of my promo codes from top1 as they host a long list of different websites. They are usually more than happy to take on any codes that you send them as it means that they are giving their followers the best codes that they can.

    People are way more likely to look at a general online promo code website than seek out your own, so this is a great way to make sure that your codes are being enjoyed by potential customers.

    How Difficult Is It To Get Land Rezoned In America?

  • Zoning laws vary in each state in America, they’re extremely important as they’re in a place to protect private property and are vital to communities. They prevent any property owners from suffering from harmful uses on adjacent land. With the zoning laws in place, it means that any change of uses inland will benefit the wider community and won’t have any negative impacts.


    Zoning Laws

    Each state and local government in America decide on their own zoning laws for their area. Any home buyers in maryland will have a different set of rules for homebuyers in Florida. Zoning laws originated in New York when businessmen were concerned about overcrowding on Fifth Avenue, they worked so well that they were almost immediately copied by other cities across America. The laws regulate if areas can be used for residential buildings or for commercial purposes, the size of anything being constructed there, and the density and height too. The zoning laws in America are to blame for various issues as they’re inflexible and leave many areas in bad conditions as they are effectively unplanned. They’re also criticized for causing high and rising costs in the current housing market as the laws are set in stone rather than changing with the market. Donald Trump’s administration tried to solve some of the problems associated with the rigid zoning laws by trying to remove regulations such as rent controls, environmental impacts, and the costs associated with developments, he claims this would help to lower prices in the housing market and allow more people to become homeowners.


    The Application Process

    The process to get land rezoned in America is not a particularly easy process as it has 10 steps. The first step is to complete a pre-application review and submit it to the local authorities as any rezoning requires their permission. Following this, the public will be given a say on the proposed rezoning as local councilors try to work with the public and allow discussions to try and ensure the best result for the local community. If the public and local authority figures agree on the rezoning then you’ll be required to submit your application and at this point, you will be charged a fee which will vary as the price will be set locally.

    The next step is not always necessary but there could be a city review and customer resubmittal which allows any members of the public to give their opinions and criticisms again to the main caseworker. Following this you would be required to attend a meeting with a planning board, at this meeting the staff on your case will present all the information about your proposed rezoning to the board along with any comments that the public has made in relation to it so they have all the information to make a decision, you will be charged a 2nd fee at this step. If the proposal passes this step there will be another meeting with the city council’s land use, transportation and infrastructure committee this meeting is similar to the previous one, staff will present the case in further detail, this meeting is not a public one but people may be invited to speak by council members if they have relevant information.

    If this step is passed then the proposal will move on to the full city council at a mayor-council meeting where the public is still allowed to submit comments about the case then there will be the first reading on the bill, at this stage people who own neighboring properties can file protest petitions if they think rezoning will negatively affect their property. The last stage the proposal will need to pass is a final city council public hearing, the second reading of the bill will take place here and the city council will vote on whether the rezoning should be approved. Following this, if it passes the mayor will sign the case off and it’ll officially come into effect the following week.



    As stated previously during the rezoning process there is an opportunity for property owners to petition a decision about rezoning as it could have harmful impacts on their property. Usually, there need to be 6 city council votes in favor to pass a proposed rezone but if a petition is filed then 8 votes are required instead. To apply for a petition, you would be required to file it with the municipal clerk clearly stating the case number you want to petition, the name of who is signing it, and a legal description of the property.  This petition could make a difference as it would be considered by the local council when coming to their decision.

    Making Connections: Networking for a Small Business

  • Starting a small business is a complicated and exhausting task. But it is also one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. The freedom that comes with running your own company and building something from the ground up is filled with rewards. But as said before, it is a challenge. And this challenge goes beyond the simple logistics of running a business.

    When starting a small business you will be faced with a lot of logistical problems that you have to overcome. You have to get staff and stock. You need a building and a website. You need bank accounts and start-up capital. All of this is done long before you start the business.

    One of the most important aspects of running a small business is often overlooked. Networking. It is a powerful tool that does more good for a business than perhaps anything else. But what is networking and how can you, as a small business owner, utilize it to your advantage? Below we are going to take a look at all these questions.

    What is it?

    A business needs customers. This is the fundamental basis that any small business owner will know. And a lot of times customers will come to you, providing you have put in the leg work on your marketing. But a small business cannot rely on their marketing alone. You need friends and support from people around your community and other businesses. This is where networking comes in.

    For example, let us look at a company like Royalty Windows. This small business has a very clear and singular purpose. They install windows. And they have done their marketing and have an online presence. But is that going to be enough? What if some new residents move into town and, rather than googling a good company to use, they ask about at local real estate agencies and the like. This is where networking comes into play.

    Networking is connecting with other businesses, people, professionals with the idea to build a professional relationship with them that isn’t based on the customer dynamic. It is about letting people know what you are all about and getting them to work with you and you for them.,

    How it Works

    Once you have begun networking, you will have a few different businesses and people who are aware of you and your company. They will, hopefully, see you in a positive light and are more likely to recommend you to people. In the case of a window company, a real estate agency that has been networked would happily recommend them to potential customers.

    It is expected that networking will work both ways, all the people involved will work together to increase awareness of their individual companies. But going a step further, networking is also about meeting people who can provide you with better deals when it comes to buying inventory. For a lot of companies you will be purchasing equipment or stock from somewhere else and networking is a great opportunity to meet other businesses that could offer you cheaper prices and better deals.

    How to do it

    It’s great knowing what networking is and how it can work for you. But you might be asking how you even begin to go about networking successfully. And yes, it is possible to network wrong. And doing this could cause harm to your business. So it is important to know what to do and what not to do.

    First, you need to know who you want to network with. Finding random people on the street won’t help at all. Like advertising, you need to be target specific people or companies that could most help you. The first step in that is looking at what your business does. Do you sell windows? Are you a landscaping company? Perhaps you teach baseball. Whatever it is, you need to network with people who are near enough to your line of work that they can help.

    Second, you need to be positive and kind, but not overstep any boundaries. Networking is a social activity above all else but is a business social activity. To that end, you need to remember it is good to be friendly and kind to the people you are networking with, but stay polite and don’t cross any boundaries. If you exchange numbers and information with someone in a professional networking capacity, don’t then start emailing them about your day or making general chit chat. Information is valuable and these people are trusting you to not abuse their good favor.

    Thirdly, you need to be ready to give as much as you take. A company that networks simply to boost themselves without offering anything else up is quickly going to earn a bad reputation. Remember, as people network they talk about their respective fields and businesses, but they also discuss other businesses. If you abuse someone’s good favor you can expect them not to recommend you but to actively warn people aginst helping your company. This could even lead to the potential loss of customers.

    The world of business is difficult to navigate. Knowing how to act and what to say can be daunting but there are many tools out there to help you expand your skillset. Be positive. Stay alert. And above all else, work hard. It will all pay off in the end.