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    We employ a business-to-business approach, which involves listening at every point. We also make use of our analytical techniques to bring the customers’ voice into your business. This lets you deliver a superior experience to customers, which in turn translates to better profitability and long term loyalty. We understand the strategy and pricing of products. Our solution is end to end, and this lets us offer our clients innovative solutions to be profitable. We understand the needs of the customers and how to meet their requirements. We implement a sustainable pricing strategy.

Created by potrace 1.14, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Take Online Surveys for Money

Are you looking to make some extra cash via online surveys? Then you’ve come to the right place! Companies, organizations, and brands all around the world are continually looking for consumer opinions so they can improve their services or products. That’s why they hire survey agencies for market research, these agencies then create surveys, and anyone can fill those out to rake in a reward.

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High Paying Surveys That Pay Through PayPal

Everyone likes making a bit of quick cash, and there’s no better way than online surveys to do just that. But all online surveys are not created equal, and there’s no guarantee that the survey you are participating in will pay you properly. As a general rule though, surveys that pay through PayPal are usually legit.

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We offer customized market research and survey to give your business valuable insights that matter. We have a team of experts who understand what your needs are and accordingly design market research surveys tailor-made for your business. Our experienced field research team collects data of high quality making use of mobile technology.

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Sign up with us today and avail of our expert services on market research and surveys, which is crucial for the growth of your business. We employ a business-to-business approach, which involves listening at every point. We also make use of our analytical techniques to bring the customers’ voice into your business. This lets you deliver a superior experience to customers, which in turn translates to better profitability and long term loyalty.


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  • Big Pharma. Some argue it is the devil in disguise. Others see it as the saving grace of the medical field. It is one of […]

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    Zoning laws vary in each state in America, they’re extremely important as they’re in a place to protect private property and are vital to communities. They prevent any property owners from suffering from harmful uses […]

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    What Big Pharma Can Teach us About Medical Advertising

    May 23, 2020

    Big Pharma. Some argue it is the devil in disguise. Others see it as the saving grace of the medical field. It is one of the most polarising cooperate entities in the world. From those saying medicine should be free, others see the price we pay for it as a way of allowing these companies to fund their research and development towards greater cures. But wherever you stand, you cannot deny that big pharma is good at what it does.

    And that is the aspect we are going to be looking at today. In the field of medical advertising, the impact is important. It could save lives. This goes beyond simply selling drugs. This includes spreading medical awareness, bringing in money to fund small clinics, and being able to provide the equipment doctors need to go about their job.

    So we are going to be seeing what we can learn from big pharma when it comes to medical advertising and sees how that can be applied to other fields. Whether you are running an independent medical advice firm or looking to improve advertising for your medical spa, this article should give you some ideas.

    Big Pharma

    Big Pharma, in case you don’t know what we mean, is the companies that create, bottle, and sell medical drugs to hospitals. They do not sell these drugs directly to the general public, due to regulations. In the USA, anywhere that has these drugs will have gotten them from big pharma companies. The term big pharma is an umbrella term for all corporations. But why are they so successful.

    Firstly, the product they create and sell is beyond vital for society. We have become a civilization reliant on drugs. And big pharma companies know that and use that to their advantage. They market the drugs with a twist. They will let the public think this drug will solve their problems.

    Then, once the public is sold on it, they approach their doctors asking for it. It’s at this point that the hospitals put in an order for the drugs from the companies. Big pharma creates the demand and creates the supply. A tight circle of marketing.


    How can this be applied to other fields of medicine? Firstly, the method in which they appeal their products to the public is genius. People gravitate towards anything that will improve their life with little ease. So it is important when marketing your services to the public that you take that into account. Try and appeal to their sense of self-improvement. Scare tactics rarely work to entice in customers, except in rare cases.

    Let us take a look at a medical spa. While not a necessary service, it still provides a quality medical experience to those who want it. How would an organization like this apply the lessons of big pharma? Simply by having their advertisements big up their treatment packages. Make them seem grandiose, but never lie about what they can do. Inform the viewer that this service will improve their quality of life massively and leave them feeling great and then let them come to you. Try not to drown them with costs and plans. Keep it simple and to the point. Customers want to know what will happen, not how much it costs.

    What to Avoid

    The lessons we can take from big pharma aren’t all positives. Like we said before, it is one of the most polarising industries on the planet. Many see those who own big pharma as reducing human lives to nothing but numbers and dollar signs. Looking to make money off the suffering of those most vulnerable in an already broken system. To that end, there are a few things we can learn not to do when it comes to medical advertising.

    The first, and most important point, is to never forget the driving force behind medicine. At its core, the practice of medicine is about helping those in need. The hypocritic oath of ‘Do No Harm’ is echoed the world over by medical professionals. And this message should engrain itself in your advertising campaign. People want to be reassured. They want to be informed. They want to feel their concerns are being heard and their medical needs are taken seriously. So make sure your advertisements take this into account. Never talk down to the viewers. Reassure them. Educate them in a respectful, yet authoritative manner. Because this leads to the second point.

    Big pharma is often seen as a business that isn’t run by doctors. Even if they have doctors on staff, a lot of people are distrusting, assuming they have no medical backing for their motives. Make sure you are using reputable and reliable sources of information in your advertisements. Have medical professionals show up and reassure.

    The Logo Revolution: How Imagery Sells

    June 1, 2020

    It is an often stated notion that how a product is marketed to the consumer is actually more important than the product itself. The vast majority of products you will find on the shelves of stores are pure wants instead of a necessary purchase for the customer, what your marketing needs to do is create a need within the desired industry. This marketing begins with the companies logo itself. There is numerous variable involved in what is tantamount to a strong logo, it needs to be sharp, simple, and stick in the consumer’s mind. If you consider the world’s most iconic companies their logo probably comes to your mind before any of their products. Let us do a little exercise just now when you hear the word Apple what comes to your mind? I can guarantee it was the logo of the bitten apple before any iPhone or iPad. This passage will aim to break down the factors behind a successful logo and find what makes the logo so important in the modern world.

    The Importance of a Strong Logo

    The modern logo has morphed into some all-encompassing face of the business, but why is this? Well, the logo of a company is the first thing that any potential customer will see. The logo is no longer just about brand recognition, but it needs to say something about your company. In ever-expanding markets, it is extremely important that your logo stands out from the crowd and conveys a strong set of principles. Be it professionalism, a form of service, or quality of service, your logo is the spokesperson of your brand and you only have a matter of seconds to make the right statement. Take sleekwristbands for example, their logo is simply the words sleekwristbands accompanied by a wristband; this conveys everything that the customer needs to know about the product, not only giving the name of the brand but the purpose and quality of the product.

    How to Build a Strong Logo

    Now that you understand the importance of a strong logo you can learn what actually makes a good logo. I feel no idea is actually born out of pure originality, so let us base our rules of a good logo around logos that already exist. Firstly, a good logo needs to be simplistic. Think of the McDonalds logo which is a simple yellow M on a red background or the simple colored Google logo. These colours stick in the mind of the consumer; the companies own intellectual property on these colors. This is when a logo is at its best when it can be recognized just by the colors that it uses. Simplicity creates a logo and a company that is easy to remember and will stick out in competitive fields. You also need to decide what you want your brand to stand for. What do you want your customer to think when they see your logo; try to create a streamlined business that has a unified message all across the board. Try to remember this rule when designing a logo; for it to be great it needs to be replicated by hand and off memory alone. Think about the Nike swoosh; simplicity and bold colors are key.

    How to use Your Logo

    It is especially important that you own your logo from the early embers of your business. Your logo needs to exude your brand, so you need to instantly think of marketing opportunities based around your logos like merchandise or potential collaborations. You want to try and create a logo that transcends what your company actually does. If you can make a wearable brand then a customer has just paid you to become a walking billboard. You want to create a brand that someone would want to wear out of a love for the look not just because they like your company. When thinking of an example of this you should perhaps look at Nike; who have managed to move from their swoosh being a part of their shoe to something that is placed on all their apparel; from the hoodies to the tank tops the swoosh is Nike.

    What can be interpreted from this passage is that simplicity creates a strong logo. It should be something that can be recognized from its color or shape alone. What is clearly evident is the rising importance of the logo, as brands begin to branch out and do more they need a logo that is a master of all trades, so it needs to be extremely versatile. The logo is the brand and is pivotal when people decide whether they should take a chance on a new company.

    The European Marketing Rules you Need to Know

    June 11, 2020

    Marketing is a difficult beast to master. It is made up of so many different moving parts and requires, not only a dedicated and strong research base but constant tweaking and changing depending on shifting trends and customer demands. Not to mention the ever-changing social mood means what was positive marketing today, could be terrible marketing tomorrow. It is no surprise that faced with all this uncertainty and constant issues, marketing is one of the more heavily regulated ideas in Europe.

    The continent of Europe is, for the most part, united on a lot of legal fronts. The EU, one of the most powerful alliances of nations on the planet, strives to make sure all its member countries and any company from outside that operates within its bounds, adhere to certain rules and regulations. So if you are considering starting a marketing campaign, or are hoping to expand into the European market, there are a few rules you will need to make sure you adhere to. Otherwise, you are going to be cracked down on.

    False Advertising

    Perhaps the biggest rule, and a very common one world wide. False advertising. This is the process of marketing a product using false information about it, misleading your customers, and tricking them into making a purchase. In the past, it was easy for companies to use misleading words, phrases, or images to fool customers. Now, regulatory bodies ensure all companies are adhering to the same standard. What you advertise is what the customer must get. If they won’t be receiving everything they have seen, they need to be fully aware of this fact.

    In Italy, this practice is seen to great effect. Italy as a whole has a strong sense of camaraderie and fellowship and sites like procontro run regular product reviews that hold companies to rigorous standards and make sure their products are as advertised. An excellent public service.

    Refund Policy

    The EU is very strict on this particular policy. Customers have an inherent right to receive a refund on a product if they are dissatisfied with it or feel it is not living up to promises. This is different from false advertising and often applies to products that are faulty. But there is a large gray area in certain areas.

    A good example of this is video games. Valve, a game production company based in America, releases many games on its online store Steam. Originally you could only receive a limited amount of refunds for a gaming product you didn’t like. While it is said that with creative products it is subjective if the product was bad. But Valve tried to rob their consumers of the right to get a refund. This led to a hefty legal battle, which Valve lost, meaning EU players can now receive as many refunds as they like within a time period.

    The lesson here is that, when you market your product, you need to be aware you are going to have to offer refunds if people are dissatisfied. This means you will want to make sure your product is as good as it can possibly be. A faulty product can cause irreversible damage if you are forced to give out too many refunds. Some countries forbid the resale of products once returned, instead, being forced to sell them cheaper as used.

    Data Protection

    Often, during the research stage of your campaign, you will acquire customer information from surveys or interviews. Or you will have people sign up to mailing lists to allow you to advertise to them directly. All of this data is extremely important and powerful for any marketing campaign. But it is also heavily regulated by the EU, and most nations worldwide.

    Data protection is an issue you will need to make sure you are on top of. In recent years we have seen the fallout of companies that experience data breaches and lose customer information, or even companies illegally selling customer data to external sources. All of these violate a lot of laws and can have serious ramifications for, not only your company but you personally. This includes potential jail time.

    To that end, you need to make sure you are adhering to the rules surrounding what data you can collect and how you can use it. There is a lot of personal information you aren’t allowed to ask customers about and you can only use the data provided within the context of your marketing. Any unsolicited contact or violation of their data rights is an offense.

    Visual Content

    There are a lot of rules about what you can and can’t show when it comes to marketing. A lot of companies work around this and sit on the line of what is acceptable. Unless you have a powerful legal team behind you though, don’t take the risk.

    You need to make sure any content that is going to be displayed in the public eye is age-appropriate for anyone that might see it. Families and children could see it, so the advert has to meet the standard held for any media designed for that demographic. Even if they are not your target audience. A lot of countries handle this on an independent level, as opposed to on a continental level. So you will need to check the rules for the country you are marketing in and towards to make sure you are adhering to the rules.

    Marketing Recruitment: How to Succeed in the Interview Stage

    May 13, 2020

    So you’ve done it, you’ve sent your job application into your chosen company and have gotten that all-important email confirming you’ve earned yourself an interview. You’ve got past the hard bit, or so you thought. There is nothing more intimidating than a job interview, its the last hurdle that stands between you and your dream job and so it’s important to make a good impression and succeed. Wanting to do your best and actually doing your best so it’s easy to worry about how you’ll do, here are some handy tips on how to succeed during the interview stage.


    Dress your best

    When you walk into your interview, the first thing that the interviewer will notice is your appearance, and how you look will tell them a lot about you as a person. If you turn up with your appearance looking sloppy and unkempt, then they will instantly feel negative about you and it could compromise your employability. Make sure that you are wearing smart, clean clothes that are business appropriate. If you don’t care about how you look, why would you care about doing a good job for the company? It just doesn’t make a good first impression. Make sure that you’re not wearing anything too flamboyant as you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. Make sure that you’re practicing good hygiene too as having poor hygiene can make employers reluctant to take you on. Ensure that your hair is washed and tidied and that your breath smells good, as you’re going to be in close proximity with the interviewer. Also, make sure that you smell nice, wear a good perfume or after spray. If you smell bad, the interviewer could be distracted and not focused on all of your achievements. Smelling good will also make you more memorable to interviewers.


    Take the initiative

    Something that a lot of interviewers dread is when they get to that part of the interview where it’s time for the interviewee to ask any questions and there is nothing but silence. This is a bad first impression and so this awkward encounter should be avoided at all costs. Now, this does not mean that you have to play a game of 21 questions and ask about things that don’t really matter, you’re probably not the last person they have in line to interview so you don’t want to keep them around for too long. But make sure that you are paying attention throughout the interview and make note of anything you may want to ask. Ask what the hours are like and what they would expect from you as a worker. This immediate interest will really impress them and it will show that you are serious about the available position.


    Be prepared

    Something else that employers hate it when people come to interviews without any preparation. You should practice the answers to any potential questions that they may ask, as this will mean you don’t have to think on the spot in a high-pressure situation. It means that you will be able to give them the best available answers and relax more during the interview process. Something that a lot of people don’t know is that if you look up the company that you are looking to join, there are a number of sites where people discuss what their interview process was like there. This means that you could have access to the exact questions that the interviewer will ask, so make sure that you do some digging as this could be really helpful during the interview.


    How you act

    Just who you are as a person can influence how your interview turns out. Pay attention to your body language, are you slumping in your seat or sitting with your arms crossed? Negative body language can really make you look bad in an interview as it will appear that you don’t care. Make sure that you are sitting upright with good posture and don’t lean on the desk with your elbows. This will create the appearance that you are engaging with whatever the interviewer is saying and shows that you care about being there.

    Making Connections: Networking for a Small Business

    May 31, 2020

    Starting a small business is a complicated and exhausting task. But it is also one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. The freedom that comes with running your own company and building something from the ground up is filled with rewards. But as said before, it is a challenge. And this challenge goes beyond the simple logistics of running a business.

    When starting a small business you will be faced with a lot of logistical problems that you have to overcome. You have to get staff and stock. You need a building and a website. You need bank accounts and start-up capital. All of this is done long before you start the business.

    One of the most important aspects of running a small business is often overlooked. Networking. It is a powerful tool that does more good for a business than perhaps anything else. But what is networking and how can you, as a small business owner, utilize it to your advantage? Below we are going to take a look at all these questions.

    What is it?

    A business needs customers. This is the fundamental basis that any small business owner will know. And a lot of times customers will come to you, providing you have put in the leg work on your marketing. But a small business cannot rely on their marketing alone. You need friends and support from people around your community and other businesses. This is where networking comes in.

    For example, let us look at a company like Royalty Windows. This small business has a very clear and singular purpose. They install windows. And they have done their marketing and have an online presence. But is that going to be enough? What if some new residents move into town and, rather than googling a good company to use, they ask about at local real estate agencies and the like. This is where networking comes into play.

    Networking is connecting with other businesses, people, professionals with the idea to build a professional relationship with them that isn’t based on the customer dynamic. It is about letting people know what you are all about and getting them to work with you and you for them.,

    How it Works

    Once you have begun networking, you will have a few different businesses and people who are aware of you and your company. They will, hopefully, see you in a positive light and are more likely to recommend you to people. In the case of a window company, a real estate agency that has been networked would happily recommend them to potential customers.

    It is expected that networking will work both ways, all the people involved will work together to increase awareness of their individual companies. But going a step further, networking is also about meeting people who can provide you with better deals when it comes to buying inventory. For a lot of companies you will be purchasing equipment or stock from somewhere else and networking is a great opportunity to meet other businesses that could offer you cheaper prices and better deals.

    How to do it

    It’s great knowing what networking is and how it can work for you. But you might be asking how you even begin to go about networking successfully. And yes, it is possible to network wrong. And doing this could cause harm to your business. So it is important to know what to do and what not to do.

    First, you need to know who you want to network with. Finding random people on the street won’t help at all. Like advertising, you need to be target specific people or companies that could most help you. The first step in that is looking at what your business does. Do you sell windows? Are you a landscaping company? Perhaps you teach baseball. Whatever it is, you need to network with people who are near enough to your line of work that they can help.

    Second, you need to be positive and kind, but not overstep any boundaries. Networking is a social activity above all else but is a business social activity. To that end, you need to remember it is good to be friendly and kind to the people you are networking with, but stay polite and don’t cross any boundaries. If you exchange numbers and information with someone in a professional networking capacity, don’t then start emailing them about your day or making general chit chat. Information is valuable and these people are trusting you to not abuse their good favor.

    Thirdly, you need to be ready to give as much as you take. A company that networks simply to boost themselves without offering anything else up is quickly going to earn a bad reputation. Remember, as people network they talk about their respective fields and businesses, but they also discuss other businesses. If you abuse someone’s good favor you can expect them not to recommend you but to actively warn people aginst helping your company. This could even lead to the potential loss of customers.

    The world of business is difficult to navigate. Knowing how to act and what to say can be daunting but there are many tools out there to help you expand your skillset. Be positive. Stay alert. And above all else, work hard. It will all pay off in the end.

    How to Digitally Grow your Small Business.

    May 22, 2020

    Many say that small businesses are placed at a disadvantage from the high street competitors from the set of their creation, which is partly true due to the huge consumer market that we live in today and how hard it can be to become a household name. Starting a new business is very daunting and success can be difficult when you are up against such strong competition, the key thing to remember is that it takes time and hard work to build a business up especially if you are starting from nothing, you must build a rapport with your local customers before you can tackle the mainstream market.

    A great way to speed up the process of your business progression would be to utilize the digital platforms and tools that are available to you, it is pretty clear to see we are in a digital age with everything in our lives seem to revolve around technology. The powers of social media as a form of advertising are unlike any other form of marketing out there, and since social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram are free to create it seems stupid to not take advantage of the ability to contact a wide range of people just from a few posts and pictures of your products. There is a range of ways to grow your small business digitally and most are very simple and affordable, yet extremely effective in increasing revenue due to how easy it is to reach a large number of people without physically meeting them.

    Social Media

    As previously mentioned social media plays a huge part in the development and growth of your business clientele, millions of people around the world are all accessible in one platform. If you haven’t already make a business account on a platform like Instagram and begin making posts showing off your staff, your shop, and of course the products or services you offer. Instagram is a great one because it is extremely simple in how you create content, either record a video or take a photo, add a caption and you’re good to go. The simplicity of posting means you have no excuse to post regularly, as your page grows in popularity you will be able to provide links to your websites and online shops thus increasing your business revenue. Using social media like this allows you to access customers who may not have been able to access your business otherwise.


    Some form of online presence should already be a part of your business however, for those of you who have not created a website or online shop it is something I would definitely recommend doing as it opens your business up to a much larger audience. Your website should be clear, professional, and engaging in order to have a positive response with visitors. Going online and offering your services in an online platform allows you to make money without customers in-store, through advertising and meeting a need in the market you can make money and attract a large revenue without the need for sales in your stores. The fact that so many businesses have switched from stores on the high street to online shops shows how much money there is to be made here.


    How you present your business both in-store and online impacts the response potential customers will have in a great way. It is crucial for you to put effort into your brand’s image in the form of creating professional marketing material such as logos, posters, and other pieces. You will be able to display this work on your websites or social media pages showing your professionalism and giving potential customers something aesthetically pleasing to associate with your business. Building your image and displaying it online is a great way to encourage business growth and entice even more customers to make a purchase with your business. A strong approach to branding and marketing is a skill that can be sued in both an online and physical platform giving you the skills to increase your following and make you more money in turn.


    With your new social media page it is important to upload posts regularly to keep customers up to date with any promotions or events you may be doing, by posting regularly you will be popping up on your followers feeds more often making them more likely to make a sudden purchase. Getting some great photography shots for your page is a great way of naturally promoting your business as it is just a simple reminder that you and your business are still around.

    Extra Help

    If all else fails you may consider sourcing extra guidance and advice, this can come from friends and family, customer feedback and in some cases you may wish to pay for a professional to help you in terms of digital growth. These services from whiteIT in Brisbane have been rated as some of the best business IT support in Australia. It really does pay off to work on your online image and this comes from ensuring you have a strong understanding of the digital world. For a small fee specialist companies will be able to give you all the knowledge needed to develop and grow your business in a digital sense from computer to maintenance to the development of your online marketing, paying for a little extra help can do you the world of good.

    How Targeted Online Advertisements Work

    June 17, 2020

    You may have noticed whilst you are browsing the Internet that adverts are appearing for things you have previously looked at, now don’t worry you haven’t been hacked and there isn’t a big conspiracy where your data is being stolen. When you look at items whilst shopping online your browser stores the products you look at, the adverts on social media and other websites will display the same products, and others like it in order to convince you to make the purchase.


    What It Is

    Targeted advertising has proven to be extremely effective in gaining revenue and increasing the amount of traffic on your websites. If you have already been looking at purchasing something then you are much more likely to go through with buying it, if you are reminded of the item regularly. This method of marketing has been used for years and has proven to be even more effective as time has passed. With the huge reliance on social media that has come about in modern society, millions of people around the world are being encouraged to make a purchase through the use of targeted advertising.


    As well as social media, online shopping as opposed to visiting in-store has seen a huge growth in popularity. Shopping online is not only convenient but saves time that would otherwise be spent wandering around the shops, with categorized lists of what’s on sale and exclusive online offers it’s no surprise that online shopping has taken off the way that it has. Because there is such a huge amount of active online shoppers, targeted advertising is easily one of the most effective for this platform, no matter the industry as long as you’re getting a decent number of visitors on your website, targeted advertising will do its work and display the products they looked at and make a sale much more likely to occur.


    Taking advantage of the online services that are available is particularly useful to smaller businesses that may be waiting to move into premises, the introduction of such great online business services has also encouraged the development of more new startups year after year.



    Another industry that has seen more use of targeted advertising would be within the streaming platform – YouTube. YouTube ads provide Youtubers with the opportunity to make money from creating content, through services like Adsense Youtubers are paid a fee to allow a number of adverts to appear within their videos, this is yet another example of a great way businesses can reach a large number of people with fewer expenses compared to television advertising.


    YouTube works much like a social media platform with videos moving up and down the trending list depending on how many likes and views they get. The daily trending list is available to each and every one of its users so the included adverts have the opportunity to reach a large volume of people. Targeted advertising is used within YouTube a lot and can be extremely successful, especially because buying youtube views is a common practise, companies can make sure their adverts are being seen by plenty of people.

    How Difficult Is It To Get Land Rezoned In America?

    November 9, 2020

    Zoning laws vary in each state in America, they’re extremely important as they’re in a place to protect private property and are vital to communities. They prevent any property owners from suffering from harmful uses on adjacent land. With the zoning laws in place, it means that any change of uses inland will benefit the wider community and won’t have any negative impacts.


    Zoning Laws

    Each state and local government in America decide on their own zoning laws for their area. Any home buyers in maryland will have a different set of rules for homebuyers in Florida. Zoning laws originated in New York when businessmen were concerned about overcrowding on Fifth Avenue, they worked so well that they were almost immediately copied by other cities across America. The laws regulate if areas can be used for residential buildings or for commercial purposes, the size of anything being constructed there, and the density and height too. The zoning laws in America are to blame for various issues as they’re inflexible and leave many areas in bad conditions as they are effectively unplanned. They’re also criticized for causing high and rising costs in the current housing market as the laws are set in stone rather than changing with the market. Donald Trump’s administration tried to solve some of the problems associated with the rigid zoning laws by trying to remove regulations such as rent controls, environmental impacts, and the costs associated with developments, he claims this would help to lower prices in the housing market and allow more people to become homeowners.


    The Application Process

    The process to get land rezoned in America is not a particularly easy process as it has 10 steps. The first step is to complete a pre-application review and submit it to the local authorities as any rezoning requires their permission. Following this, the public will be given a say on the proposed rezoning as local councilors try to work with the public and allow discussions to try and ensure the best result for the local community. If the public and local authority figures agree on the rezoning then you’ll be required to submit your application and at this point, you will be charged a fee which will vary as the price will be set locally.

    The next step is not always necessary but there could be a city review and customer resubmittal which allows any members of the public to give their opinions and criticisms again to the main caseworker. Following this you would be required to attend a meeting with a planning board, at this meeting the staff on your case will present all the information about your proposed rezoning to the board along with any comments that the public has made in relation to it so they have all the information to make a decision, you will be charged a 2nd fee at this step. If the proposal passes this step there will be another meeting with the city council’s land use, transportation and infrastructure committee this meeting is similar to the previous one, staff will present the case in further detail, this meeting is not a public one but people may be invited to speak by council members if they have relevant information.

    If this step is passed then the proposal will move on to the full city council at a mayor-council meeting where the public is still allowed to submit comments about the case then there will be the first reading on the bill, at this stage people who own neighboring properties can file protest petitions if they think rezoning will negatively affect their property. The last stage the proposal will need to pass is a final city council public hearing, the second reading of the bill will take place here and the city council will vote on whether the rezoning should be approved. Following this, if it passes the mayor will sign the case off and it’ll officially come into effect the following week.



    As stated previously during the rezoning process there is an opportunity for property owners to petition a decision about rezoning as it could have harmful impacts on their property. Usually, there need to be 6 city council votes in favor to pass a proposed rezone but if a petition is filed then 8 votes are required instead. To apply for a petition, you would be required to file it with the municipal clerk clearly stating the case number you want to petition, the name of who is signing it, and a legal description of the property.  This petition could make a difference as it would be considered by the local council when coming to their decision.