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Why Customer Surveying is Important in Product Marketing

  • Nothing has ever been born perfect from an isolated creation. If we look through the history of humanity’s greatest ideas or products they have all been birthed from different levels of feedback. You cannot look at the marketing of said product any different, you will need customer interaction if you want to build something that can be successful. There is perhaps no better form of feedback than that of customer surveying, as it gives you the opportunity to hear directly from the consumer; who will be pivotal in making your product a success.


    Allow you to Shape Your Marketing Around the Consumer


    Customer surveying will provide you with an important insight into the beat of consumers’ drums. Before your marketing goes to market you can hear what the consumer wants from their product, which will give you the opportunity to make any necessary changes to your product before they properly reach the market. For a suitable example let us take a look at tiux; before finding their niche in athletic socks Tiux was just a run of the mill sock company, through market research they found a hole in the industry and managed to suit their product to consumer wants.


    Show That you Value the Opinions of the Consumer


    Customer surveying will show any potential consumer that you truly value there thoughts and desires when it comes to your product. This will lead to a stronger link between the corporate head of your company and the customer base, which will give you the opportunity to be seen as a company that actually cares. The goal of your company is not to simply make money but to engage with the customer base, this will even allow your company to receive some free advertisement through the use of word of mouth. Your customer will feel more attached to your product as they will feel that they had a somewhat central role in its development


    Measure the Satisfaction of the Consumer


    What customer surveying can do is provide you with a direct insight into the minds of your customer base. You can see how your company is viewed by the wider public, is it in a good light? If it is then you need to play off this fact, you can take more risks in your marketing. If the customer base is dissatisfied with your company then you should not want to take too many liabilities with the base. You would not be aware of your position in the customer’s mind without the use of customer surveying.


    Provide you With Reliable Data


    How can you as a business make a sound decision without the use of reliable data from your customer base? Customer surveying allows your company a sense of what way the wind is blowing; you will understand what the customer wants from their ideal product as you can suit your marketing around their newly discovered needs. This customer data is the only completely sound data a company can find. You can also break this data down to separate groups. If you are looking for a marketing block that appeals to 18-24-year-old females then your customer surveying will focus on this group, and find out what would bring them into your customer pool. Once your company finds its niche within this group it is less about the HOW of the marketing but more about the SCALE of this marketing. Customer surveying can provide such valuable data, and it is up to you how you interpret this data to improve the strength of your brand.