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The Winning Life Guides the Top CEOs all Utilize

  • CEOs are extremely important to any company. They are the face of the company and their actions personally, directly impact the company and how well the company is received by the public. They work long hours and work under a lot of pressure. Their day-to-day is very demanding and they always must be on their best behavior as they are always under scrutinization from the public. As this is such an important position, it takes a very particular type of person to be able to manage the demands of the job. Some of the common qualities shared by CEOs include that they are courageous and able to take risks for the company, that they are intelligent and hard working so they can do the best they can for the company, and that they are resilient. With the profile of the job, they will be heavily criticized often and they will need to be able to handle the criticism and carry on. Whilst people think that CEOs all have master’s degrees in business, only 11% of CEOs from major companies have a business degree, so if you’re interested in becoming a CEO don’t be disheartened if you didn’t take the business. Many CEOs utilize various life guides that have helped them to climb the ladder all the way to the top and this is likely more important than having a business degree. We’ve spoken to CEOs and found the 2 most popular life guides. 

    The Raikov Effect

    The Raikov Effect has been known to increase your mind power and it helps to enhance your abilities in all areas of life, including business. This was kept secret for a long time by those in power as they didn’t want other people to benefit from this, but in recent years more people than ever have been finding out about the Raikov Effect. If this is something that you’re interested in learning more about then you can read the raikov effect review as it is very detailed. 


    The Life Guide

    The life guide is a very different program from the Raikov Effect, it is a program with a person-based approach. Many CEOs utilize programs like this as it gives them a safe place to grow and develop. The people working here are experts and can offer life advice and improvement plans, no matter what your aim is, even if it’s to become CEO.