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How to Digitally Grow your Small Business.

  • Many say that small businesses are placed at a disadvantage from the high street competitors from the set of their creation, which is partly true due to the huge consumer market that we live in today and how hard it can be to become a household name. Starting a new business is very daunting and success can be difficult when you are up against such strong competition, the key thing to remember is that it takes time and hard work to build a business up especially if you are starting from nothing, you must build a rapport with your local customers before you can tackle the mainstream market.

    A great way to speed up the process of your business progression would be to utilize the digital platforms and tools that are available to you, it is pretty clear to see we are in a digital age with everything in our lives seem to revolve around technology. The powers of social media as a form of advertising are unlike any other form of marketing out there, and since social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram are free to create it seems stupid to not take advantage of the ability to contact a wide range of people just from a few posts and pictures of your products. There is a range of ways to grow your small business digitally and most are very simple and affordable, yet extremely effective in increasing revenue due to how easy it is to reach a large number of people without physically meeting them.

    Social Media

    As previously mentioned social media plays a huge part in the development and growth of your business clientele, millions of people around the world are all accessible in one platform. If you haven’t already make a business account on a platform like Instagram and begin making posts showing off your staff, your shop, and of course the products or services you offer. Instagram is a great one because it is extremely simple in how you create content, either record a video or take a photo, add a caption and you’re good to go. The simplicity of posting means you have no excuse to post regularly, as your page grows in popularity you will be able to provide links to your websites and online shops thus increasing your business revenue. Using social media like this allows you to access customers who may not have been able to access your business otherwise.


    Some form of online presence should already be a part of your business however, for those of you who have not created a website or online shop it is something I would definitely recommend doing as it opens your business up to a much larger audience. Your website should be clear, professional, and engaging in order to have a positive response with visitors. Going online and offering your services in an online platform allows you to make money without customers in-store, through advertising and meeting a need in the market you can make money and attract a large revenue without the need for sales in your stores. The fact that so many businesses have switched from stores on the high street to online shops shows how much money there is to be made here.


    How you present your business both in-store and online impacts the response potential customers will have in a great way. It is crucial for you to put effort into your brand’s image in the form of creating professional marketing material such as logos, posters, and other pieces. You will be able to display this work on your websites or social media pages showing your professionalism and giving potential customers something aesthetically pleasing to associate with your business. Building your image and displaying it online is a great way to encourage business growth and entice even more customers to make a purchase with your business. A strong approach to branding and marketing is a skill that can be sued in both an online and physical platform giving you the skills to increase your following and make you more money in turn.


    With your new social media page it is important to upload posts regularly to keep customers up to date with any promotions or events you may be doing, by posting regularly you will be popping up on your followers feeds more often making them more likely to make a sudden purchase. Getting some great photography shots for your page is a great way of naturally promoting your business as it is just a simple reminder that you and your business are still around.

    Extra Help

    If all else fails you may consider sourcing extra guidance and advice, this can come from friends and family, customer feedback and in some cases you may wish to pay for a professional to help you in terms of digital growth. These services from whiteIT in Brisbane have been rated as some of the best business IT support in Australia. It really does pay off to work on your online image and this comes from ensuring you have a strong understanding of the digital world. For a small fee specialist companies will be able to give you all the knowledge needed to develop and grow your business in a digital sense from computer to maintenance to the development of your online marketing, paying for a little extra help can do you the world of good.