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How Targeted Online Advertisements Work

  • You may have noticed whilst you are browsing the Internet that adverts are appearing for things you have previously looked at, now don’t worry you haven’t been hacked and there isn’t a big conspiracy where your data is being stolen. When you look at items whilst shopping online your browser stores the products you look at, the adverts on social media and other websites will display the same products, and others like it in order to convince you to make the purchase.


    What It Is

    Targeted advertising has proven to be extremely effective in gaining revenue and increasing the amount of traffic on your websites. If you have already been looking at purchasing something then you are much more likely to go through with buying it, if you are reminded of the item regularly. This method of marketing has been used for years and has proven to be even more effective as time has passed. With the huge reliance on social media that has come about in modern society, millions of people around the world are being encouraged to make a purchase through the use of targeted advertising.


    As well as social media, online shopping as opposed to visiting in-store has seen a huge growth in popularity. Shopping online is not only convenient but saves time that would otherwise be spent wandering around the shops, with categorized lists of what’s on sale and exclusive online offers it’s no surprise that online shopping has taken off the way that it has. Because there is such a huge amount of active online shoppers, targeted advertising is easily one of the most effective for this platform, no matter the industry as long as you’re getting a decent number of visitors on your website, targeted advertising will do its work and display the products they looked at and make a sale much more likely to occur.


    Taking advantage of the online services that are available is particularly useful to smaller businesses that may be waiting to move into premises, the introduction of such great online business services has also encouraged the development of more new startups year after year.



    Another industry that has seen more use of targeted advertising would be within the streaming platform – YouTube. YouTube ads provide Youtubers with the opportunity to make money from creating content, through services like Adsense Youtubers are paid a fee to allow a number of adverts to appear within their videos, this is yet another example of a great way businesses can reach a large number of people with fewer expenses compared to television advertising.


    YouTube works much like a social media platform with videos moving up and down the trending list depending on how many likes and views they get. The daily trending list is available to each and every one of its users so the included adverts have the opportunity to reach a large volume of people. Targeted advertising is used within YouTube a lot and can be extremely successful, especially because buying youtube views is a common practise, companies can make sure their adverts are being seen by plenty of people.