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7 Ways to Improve your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Advertising

    Advertising is a vital component towards an effective digital marketing strategy, by advertising your business effectively you are getting your brands message and services out there for the world to see. If done correctly by being engaging and appealing to a designated audience it can generate a lot of revenue.

    You should already be advertising in some form, however, in order to give your marketing strategy a boost, it would be a good idea to branch out in terms of the platforms you use so you can reach a wider audience.

    To do this a good start would be to create a range of social media pages in order to post content about what is happening with your business, what you are selling and any events or sales you may be holding. Using social media is not only free but it’s also a great platform for advertising as you can quickly access a large following.

    Update Strategy

    If you find that your digital marketing strategy isn’t working as well as it should, you may need to upgrade your methods in order to see better results. It is a common mistake by businesses to use the same marketing strategy over and over again, this would be fine if you were getting great results year after year but if you aren’t you may need to make changes.

    The digital world and market is something that is constantly changing, what has worked previously may not be as effective as time goes on. The rule of seven is a classic business tool that basically states a marketing strategy must be heard or interacted with more than seven times before you will receive a favourable response, although dated it is an effective strategy which can help you see issues with your own digital marketing methods that can be rectified.


    A website may be a redundant point to make, but it is essential, your website will be one of the main platforms that you utilise with your digital marketing strategy so it is vital it conveys the correct message in order to attract revenue.

    Designing a quality website is vital as it is essentially a virtual representation of your company if your website is appealing and enjoyable your digital marketing strategy will be delivered in a more positive way. Compared to a website that isn’t as good to look at or has issues with lag or bugs a well run and aesthetically pleasing web page will encourage people to use your services.

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    Customer Service

    Customer service is a vital component of any business, businesses that don’t value customer service are more likely to have a bad reputation. Mistakes happen, how you handle those mistakes is what hurts your business if you don’t handle yourself in a professional manner.

    All of the digital marketing in the world won’t help if you get a reputation for not being able to handle your customers well, good customer service can be displayed in situations where a customer has a complaint, dealing with complaints efficiently proves you care for the customer and relieves any stress caused by the mistake.

    This not only upholds your businesses professional reputation but through word of mouth people will know that should you make any mistakes they will be dealt with properly.

    Team Efficiency

    Team morale and efficiency allows you to have business success as it not only keeps your staff happy but allows them to work efficiently.

    An example where boosting morale and working on teamwork has improved team efficiency is German gift store, this small business turned the tides on its team efficiency in a way that has allowed them to improve their overall performance.

    By utilising new software companies are able to automate certain admin jobs such as replying to emails and file management to free up your teams time and allow them to work on the things that matter such as customer service. Using new methods to improve the way your team works will free up time to be spent on improving your digital marketing strategy.

    Change Your Software

    As previously mentioned implementing new software is a great way of improving your digital marketing strategy, software is available to automate menial tasks so that your staff can work on more important jobs.

    However, making changes to the other software you use in your business can also help to make improvements to your marketing strategy also. Software is available from storage solutions to website management to help make your business more efficient whilst remaining professional, making regular updates to your software ensures your business is up to date on the latest developments and ensures your customers have a positive experience.

    Social Media

    As well as advertising social media is a great form of communication between the business and its customers, social media can be used as a platform for customers to leave reviews and feedback as well as a means to contact your business if they have any questions or concerns.

    Social media can also be used to develop your digital market strategy, it makes sense to use social media to address customers because it has the capabilities to reach such a large value of members of the public.

    As previously mentioned social media is free but can be so detrimental to your businesses success, as social media is so prevalent in today’s society it makes sense to take advantage of it as a way to utilise your digital marketing strategy.