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5 Tips to Successfully Market your Indie Game

  • With more and more indie games being released, it can be hard to know how to effectively market what you have created. The indie games that are effectively marketed really do have a chance of success, people get bored of playing the same old regurgitated games over and over again so a fresh approach and concept could prove to be extremely popular. Advertising a game can get complicated fast, particularly with the more indie games that can have complex storylines or a different format, my advice would be to stay true to the game you have created and if you have a solid concept the game will sell itself.


    Stand out from competitors

    With the gaming industry being so popular there is a lot of pressure when it comes to releasing a game that is a little different. No matter what your game is going to be compared to others on the market, comparisons will always be made, it is down to you to market your game in a way that highlights what makes it different. If shown something new in a clear and distinct way, customers are more likely to purchase your game over something that isn’t as original. Websites like fps 101 look at the first-person shooter umbrella of gaming showing just how many of these kinds of games are out there, with your original concept you will easily be able to crush your competitors.


    Keep it simple

    Indie games can come across as long-winded if they are not advertised in the correct way, as your concept may be more complex than others on the market you must consider stripping down what your game is about. As you are limited in the amount you can say when coming up with advertising content keep it simple so you don’t confuse your audiences and put them off making a purchase.


    Show the game

    Much like the previous point, you must market your indie game so that it is clear to audiences what they will have to do, you have to allow the game to sell itself and give potential customers an insight into the game and what it entails, this is where keeping it simple ties in and doesn’t leave much in the way of sales, your adverts must show off the game and allow the consumer to make a decision on whether they want to buy your game or not.


    Introduce any characters

    A great way to increase the chances of making a solid amount of sales on your game would be to introduce the public to any characters you have created. Particularly if you have a younger demographic you may wish to release merch or marketing material centred around characters within your game. Doing this provides potential customers with a cute and appealing character for them to relate with, this increases sales and provides you with an extra opportunity to generate more revenue and build your brand with extra products.

    Remember the important stuff

    With so many factors to consider when marketing your game, it is important to remember to provide customers with all the legal information. Your marketing materials should include things like the theme and category of the game, but also things like the age rating. Ensuring that everything you are legally obliged to include is not only a moral requirement but also required by law. Ensuring this will not only pass over the necessary details to the customers but also protects the integrity and reputation of your game, the last thing you want is to damage your company by missing something like this.